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ISO/TS 16949:2009

Midwest Acoust-A-Fiber (AAF) is a leading authority on technology and development of acoustical and thermal composite products.

Midwest Acoust-A-Fiber supplies a full range of fiber-engineered, thermal and acoustical composite products for transportation markets in North America. We will help define your product requirements and specifications and develop acoustical and/or thermal solutions for your particular needs. 
Midwest Acoust-A-Fiber manufactures thermal and acoustical engineering products for high temperature insulation and noise suppression. It offers customers various fiber materials to meet specific needs. 

The most common are:

Fiberglass EGlass
Basalt Wood Fiber
Ceramic Synthetics
Applications for our heat and sound shielding products include:
Underbody Insulators  Catalytic converters
Dash Insulator Crossover pipes
Insulation Hood liners
Fuel tanks Heat shields
Mufflers Body mounted composites 
The fiberglass, basalt or ceramic fibers are die cut and heat molded into products with selected facings such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass fabric, and high temperature neoprene coatings. 
Midwest Acoust-A-Fiber has also expanded its market/product applications to include Stampings, HVAC, and Custom Molded products.

Midwest Acoust-A-Fiber is committed to providing the most innovative products possible. Through dedication to excellence, the entire staff at Midwest Acoust-A-Fiber from Sales, Engineering, Quality, to Customer Service is dedicated to providing customers with low cost-high quality  products. 

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